Should Wizard Hit Mommy?


John Updike

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Should Wizard Hit Mommy? Characters


The protagonist of the story, Jack is a married man living with his pregnant wife Clare, their four-year-old daughter Jo, and their two-year-old son, Bobby. Uninspired by and disillusioned with the responsibilities… read analysis of Jack


Jack and Clare’s four-year-old daughter, Jo is a growing girl. She is growing taller by the day, has begun to contradict things her parents tell her, and (to Jack’s great frustration) no longer falls asleep… read analysis of Jo

Roger Skunk

The protagonist of the story Jack tells Jo, Roger Skunk is in many ways a stand-in for Jack. Bullied for his foul skunk smell much like Jack was bullied as a child, Roger wants… read analysis of Roger Skunk


Unseen until the final moments of the story, Clare’s presence is felt by Jack throughout the story, as he can hear her moving furniture in the living room under Jo’s bedroom. Clare is six-months pregnant… read analysis of Clare

The Wizard

The Wizard is the character in Jack’s stories who usually presents the solution to whatever problem Roger is facing. He does this by performing a magic spell that reverses Roger’s predicament, making Roger very… read analysis of The Wizard
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Roger’s Mother

Roger Skunk’s mother is the wizard’s antagonist, and a representation for Jack of familial duty. Roger’s mother refuses to allow Roger to change his skunk scent—even though smelling like roses makes him more popular—offering… read analysis of Roger’s Mother
Minor Characters
The Owl
A character in the classic Roger story, the Owl always listens to Roger’s initial predicament and suggest that he go see the wizard so that the wizard can perform a spell to solve the problem.
Jack’s two-year old son. Bobby remains asleep for the duration of the Roger Skunk story.