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As a relatively wealthy woman in early twentieth-century England, Mrs. De Ropp has several servants, including a maid, who informs Conradin that tea is ready just before she goes out to the shed and discovers the body of Mrs. De Ropp. None of these servants play a large individual role in the story, but their presence helps to signify that Mrs. De Ropp is a member of the upper class, and their terror at the death of Mrs. De Ropp serves to amplify Conradin’s own lack of concern.

Maid Quotes in Sredni Vashtar

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Cambridge University Press edition of Sredni Vashtar published in 2018.
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And while the maid went to summon her mistress to tea, Conradin fished a toasting-fork out of the sideboard drawer and proceeded to toast himself a piece of bread. And during the toasting of it and the buttering of it with much butter and the slow enjoyment of eating it, Conradin listened to the noises and silences which fell in quick spasms beyond the dining-room door.

Related Characters: Conradin, Maid , Mrs. De Ropp
Related Symbols: Toast
Page Number: 95
Explanation and Analysis:

‘Whoever will break it to the poor child? I couldn’t for the life of me!’ exclaimed a shrill voice. And while they debated the matter among themselves, Conradin made himself another piece of toast.

Related Characters: Maid (speaker), Conradin, Mrs. De Ropp
Related Symbols: Toast
Page Number: 96
Explanation and Analysis:
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Maid Character Timeline in Sredni Vashtar

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Sredni Vashtar
Imagination vs. Reality Theme Icon
A maid comes to lay the table for tea, but this doesn’t interrupt Conradin, who continues to... (full context)
Imagination vs. Reality Theme Icon
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British Colonialism Theme Icon
The maid informs Conradin that tea is ready and asks where Mrs. De Ropp is. Conradin informs... (full context)