The Cop and the Anthem


O. Henry

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The Cop and the Anthem Characters


The protagonist of “The Cop and the Anthem,” Soapy is a homeless, street-smart man who is trying to escape the harsh New York City winter by getting arrested and taken to Blackwell’s Island, where he… read analysis of Soapy

The Police

Soapy encounters police officers more than any other members of New York City society in “The Cop and the Anthem.” Though they are never given names, the police officers in the story act as social… read analysis of The Police

The Waiters

At the second, less expensive restaurant where Soapy attempts to get arrested, he is tossed out on the street by two waiters who refuse to call the police on him when he can’t pay for… read analysis of The Waiters

The Window Shopper

When Soapy assumes the role of a “masher” and begins harassing a window shopper on the street, he fails to recognize that this woman is a prostitute. This woman likewise fails to recognize that Soapy… read analysis of The Window Shopper

The Umbrella Man

When Soapy attempts to steal an anonymous man’s umbrella in a cigar shop, convinced this will get him arrested and taken to jail, this same man is at first irate and defensive, but backs down… read analysis of The Umbrella Man
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