The Destructors


Graham Greene

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Trevor, or “T.”

T. is a brooding, unhappy, rebellious adolescent and the newest member of the Wormsley Common Gang. He comes from a wealthier background than the other boys, but his parents have lost their place in society… read analysis of Trevor, or “T.”


Blackie is a fifteen-year-old boy who leads the Wormsley Common Gang up to and after T.’s brief time as leader. Blackie takes his leadership responsibilities seriously and wants the best for the gang. Blackie’s… read analysis of Blackie

Mr. Thomas, or “Old Misery”

Mr. Thomas is an old man who worked as a decorator and builder when he was younger, before World War 2. He lives in a beautiful old house that survived the bombing of the war… read analysis of Mr. Thomas, or “Old Misery”

The lorry driver

A driver who keeps his lorry in the lot near Mr. Thomas’s house. He unwittingly pulls down Old Misery’s house, after the boys tie one of the wooden struts propping the house up to the… read analysis of The lorry driver


Mike is one of the youngest members of the group. Mike’s frequent moments of surprise show the difficulty of mastering the group’s code and moving from childhood into adolescence. Mike is eager to contribute and… read analysis of Mike
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A thin, sallow boy who goes by his last name. Summers is practical and sees playing pranks as a way to have fun, so long as they can get away with it and not end… read analysis of Summers
Minor Characters
A fat boy who worries about being asked to spend money. When the boys have destroyed Mr. Thomas’s house to the extent that it is just walls with nothing inside, he drops a penny down from the top and watches it spin.