The Lion and the Jewel

The Lion and the Jewel Characters


Sidi is the village belle of Ilujinle. She's very beautiful and is acutely aware of that fact, especially once the stranger returns to the village with a magazine of photographs that show Sidi in all… (read full character analysis)


Lakunle is the young schoolteacher in Ilujinle. He was educated in Lagos, presumably in a British school, which results in Lakunle's overblown sense of his grasp of English. He wishes to modernize the village and… (read full character analysis)


Baroka is the Bale (village chief) of Ilujinle. He's known as both the "Lion" because of his strength, and the "Fox" because of his cunning tricks. At 62 he's an older man, but he still… (read full character analysis)


Sadiku is Baroka's first wife. She is very loyal to her husband and spends her time acting as a matchmaker to find him new brides and concubines. Her devotion isn't blind and unwavering, however… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
The Wrestler
The Wrestler is a man Baroka employs to wrestle him for exercise.
The Favorite
Baroka's current favorite wife.
The Stranger
The stranger is a photographer from Lagos who stumbled upon Ilujinle sometime before the story starts. He himself never appears in the play, though Lakunle plays his part when the village acts out the stranger's arrival.