The Lonely Londoners


Sam Selvon

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Agnes Character Analysis

Lewis’s wife, whom he beats because he believes she’s cheating on him while he works the nightshift with Moses. After putting up with Lewis’s abuse, Agnes finally leaves him, running away without telling him where she’s gone. She then presses charges against him, but nothing ever comes of the lawsuit. When Tolroy tries to help Lewis track Agnes down, Tanty refuses to disclose the young woman’s whereabouts.
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Agnes Character Timeline in The Lonely Londoners

The timeline below shows where the character Agnes appears in The Lonely Londoners. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Section 1
Immigration and Community Theme Icon
Upward Mobility Theme Icon
...To his surprise, she’s followed by his aunt, Tanty Bessy, and his relatives Lewis and Agnes, along with their two children. His mother explains that when he wrote to her saying... (full context)
Section 5
Romance and Sex Theme Icon
...the same boarding house in which he himself lives. While Tanty and Ma get situated, Agnes and Lewis decide to live in a nearby house, and Tolroy aids Lewis in securing... (full context)
Romance and Sex Theme Icon
Immigration and Community Theme Icon
...well and that he needs to go home. Upon reaching his apartment, he immediately beats Agnes, even though she’s alone and doesn’t know why he’s suddenly abusing her. From this point... (full context)
Romance and Sex Theme Icon
Lewis finally beats Agnes so hard that she leaves him for good. Suddenly full of remorse, he rushes to... (full context)