The Veldt


Ray Bradbury

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George Hadley

George is the patriarch of the Hadley family. He is more authoritative than his wife, Lydia, and attempts to take control of his children’s addiction to the nursery. While he initially admires the… read analysis of George Hadley

Lydia Hadley

Lydia is George’s wife. She is the first to perceive the negative effects of the Happylife Home, and wishes she once again had a “purpose”, which she feels the fully-automated house has stolen… read analysis of Lydia Hadley

Wendy Hadley

Wendy is the Hadleys’ daughter, and Peter’s sister. The two siblings are extremely similar, and are almost like robots: they appear a little too perfect, sometimes speak in unison, and don’t display much emotion… read analysis of Wendy Hadley
Minor Characters
Peter Hadley
Peter is the Hadleys’ son, and Wendy’s brother. He is 10 years old, and described as smart for his age. It is implied that, between him and Wendy, he is the schemer.
David McClean
David is a psychologist and a friend to the Hadleys. He understands the dangers of the nursery and helps George and Lydia diagnose the problem.