The Visitor


Ray Bradbury

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A Martian exile with blood rust who, along with four other men, finds Saul and Mark hiding out in a cave. When Mark suggests a schedule to share his abilities with all of the men equally, it is Johnson who quickly rejects the idea in favor of instead forcing Mark to do whatever the men want, even if this means brutally torturing him. Johnson is carrying a gun, and in the resultant chaos shoots and kills both Smith and Saul.

Johnson Quotes in The Visitor

The The Visitor quotes below are all either spoken by Johnson or refer to Johnson. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Selfishness and Greed Theme Icon
“The Visitor” Quotes

By dawn the arguments and ferocities still continued. Mark sat among the glaring men, rubbing his wrists, newly released from his bonds. He created a mahogany paneled conference hall and a marble table at which they all sat, ridiculously bearded, evil-smelling, sweating and greedy men, eyes bent upon their treasure.

Related Characters: Leonard Mark (speaker), Saul Williams, Johnson, Smith
Page Number: 203-204
Explanation and Analysis:

“The rest of the week I’m to be left strictly alone, do you hear?” Mark told them. A little should be better than nothing. If you don’t obey, I won’t perform at all.” […]

“Let me talk,” said Johnson. “He’s telling us what he’ll do. Why don’t we tell him! Are we bigger than him, or not? And him threatening not to perform! Well, just let me get a sliver of wood under his toenails and maybe burn his fingers a bit with a steel file, and we’ll see if he performs! Why shouldn’t we have performances, I want to know, every night in the week?”

Related Characters: Leonard Mark (speaker), Johnson (speaker)
Page Number: 202
Explanation and Analysis:

The men gazed suspiciously at each other with little bright animal eyes. What was spoken was true. They saw each other in the days to come, surprising one another, killing—until that last lucky one remained to enjoy the intellectual treasure that walked among them.

Related Characters: Leonard Mark (speaker), Saul Williams, Johnson, Smith
Page Number: 205
Explanation and Analysis:
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Johnson Character Timeline in The Visitor

The timeline below shows where the character Johnson appears in The Visitor. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
“The Visitor”
Selfishness and Greed Theme Icon
One of the men, Johnson, proposes that they instead force Mark to perform, and torture him if he refuses. They... (full context)
Selfishness and Greed Theme Icon
Isolation, Loneliness, and Home Theme Icon
Mark urges the others not to listen to Johnson, calling the man crazy and asserting that as soon as the others let their guards... (full context)
Selfishness and Greed Theme Icon
...too late. At this, the others jump up and wildly try to search each other. Johnson pulls the gun out of his jacket and shoots another man, Smith, in the chest.... (full context)
Selfishness and Greed Theme Icon
...City around them. The men grow confused in the midst of the blossoming city, yet Johnson keeps firing his gun. Saul rushes to tackle Johnson to the ground and wrench away... (full context)