This Boy’s Life


Tobias Wolff

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A fifteen-year-old girl whom Chuck gets pregnant. Chuck is told that he either has to marry Tina or go to jail. Chuck refuses to marry Tina — his dreams for his future life are different from that path — and somehow Chuck finds a way out of the predicament when Tina ends up marrying someone else (perhaps through Chuck's manipulation of the situation).
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Tina Character Timeline in This Boy’s Life

The timeline below shows where the character Tina appears in This Boy’s Life. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 27
Storytelling and Escapism Theme Icon
...Bolger household is tense and miserable. Mr. Bolger repeatedly tells Chuck that he must marry Tina, but Chuck cannot be convinced. Even when Huff and Psycho suggest Chuck marry Tina, bite... (full context)