Sir Thomas More

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A Friar Character Analysis

One of the men whom Raphael Hythloday speaks with at Cardinal Morton’s table, the friar becomes enraged when he becomes the butt of the joker’s mockery. He goes so far as to insinuate that the joker could be excommunicated for his words. The idle, antagonistic, intolerant interaction between the joker and the friar is thus contrasted with the fruitful, neighborly relationships cultivated in Utopia.
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A Friar Character Timeline in Utopia

The timeline below shows where the character A Friar appears in Utopia. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 1
Bad Governance, Pride, and Idleness Theme Icon
The Ambiguities of Utopia Theme Icon
...but others at the table uncritically accept the proposal in earnest. A usually very serious friar jests that, now that the joker has made provisions for beggars, he must make provisions... (full context)
Bad Governance, Pride, and Idleness Theme Icon
Ideals and Practicality Theme Icon
The joker’s mockery of friars is too much for the friar to bear, and he is enraged. He chides, scolds,... (full context)