With the Old Breed


E.B. Sledge

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Sledge’s drill officer (DI) in boot camp is a cold, mean man whom Sledge initially hates. He behaves condescendingly toward the recruits in his platoon, humiliating them publicly when they make a mistake and forcing them to take part in exhausting drills. However, Sledge later understands that Doherty’s unforgiving discipline and harsh attitude played a crucial role in preparing him for battle, as he insisted on the importance of following safety rules and respecting military discipline. Sledge later respects Doherty for this, understanding that discipline can make the difference between life and death in combat.
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Cpl. Doherty Character Timeline in With the Old Breed

The timeline below shows where the character Cpl. Doherty appears in With the Old Breed. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 1: Making of a Marine
Leadership and Courage Theme Icon
...tell the new boys they are going to regret their decision. The boys then meet Corporal Doherty , their drill instructor (DI), a terrifying man who reminds them, in an angry tone,... (full context)
Leadership and Courage Theme Icon
Corporal Doherty takes the recruits to a beach near San Diego Bay, where he drills them to... (full context)
Death, Horror, and Trauma Theme Icon
Leadership and Courage Theme Icon
...prepare recruits for combat, in which sleep is extremely scarce. Under the icy command of Corporal Doherty , the recruits also become used to following clear rules, such as never leaving one’s... (full context)
Leadership and Courage Theme Icon
After eight weeks of training, Sledge realizes that Corporal Doherty and the other DIs have successfully turned the recruits into mentally and physically strong potential... (full context)