Dave Eggers

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Zeitoun: Part 3: Monday September 12 Summary & Analysis

Finally, Kathy makes some calls to get her children into the closest public school. The girls are nervous to start in a new school, but Yuko and Ahmaad try to cheer them by buying special school supplies. Kathy can’t bear to look in Aisha’s scared eyes as she drops them off.
With no new information, Kathy has to resign herself to a longer stay in Phoenix than she’d thought, which means restoring some kind of normalcy for now. She must show great courage and perseverance here, even as he husband must in his own, totally different situation.
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On the way home, Kathy hears that the death toll has spiked to 279. She asks herself if she has to prepare for a funeral—asks how she can explain this absence.
Kathy cannot help but think that one of those anonymous 279 could be her husband.
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