And Then There Were None

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The Storm Symbol Analysis

The Storm Symbol Icon
In the very beginning of the novel, Mr. Blore encounters an old man on the train who warns him of a coming storm. Mr. Blore does not believe him because it looks bright and sunny outside. Yet the storm does come. The slow approach of this bad weather mirrors growing danger on Soldiers Island. At the same time, the storm itself puts the guests on the island in even greater danger. No one can get to or leave the island when there is any bad weather so this random act of nature traps the characters – the weather only clears up once they are all dead. The storm also highlights how separated they all are from all civilization. Soldier's Island is completely isolated and still controlled by the natural environment. The ten guests on the island have returned to a more primitive state of nature, a world totally consumed by the struggle to survive.
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The Storm Symbol Timeline in And Then There Were None

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Storm appears in And Then There Were None. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
Guilt Theme Icon in the corner of the train wakes up and says that there is a storm coming. Mr. Blore comments that the weather looks fine, but the old man assures him... (full context)