The Eumenides

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Urns Symbol Icon

When it comes time for Orestes’ trial, the citizens of Athens cast their ballots into urns in order to determine Orestes’ guilt or innocence. These urns, which ensure anonymous voting, are symbols of justice and fairness. Their existence displays how civilized and honest the city of Athens is.

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Urns Symbol Timeline in The Eumenides

The timeline below shows where the symbol Urns appears in The Eumenides. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Lines 567-1043
Revenge vs. Justice Theme Icon
The Power of the Gods Theme Icon
The Power of the Polis Theme Icon
...enter, and Athena places them at the Stone of Unmercifulness. She herself stands between two urns in which the jury will cast votes to determine Orestes’ guilt or innocence. (full context)