A Man for All Seasons


Robert Bolt

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Act of Supremacy

A Man For All Seasons revolves around the first Act of Supremacy, an Act passed by Parliament in 1534. Although the Church of England had already begun to separate from the Roman Catholic Church, this… read analysis of Act of Supremacy

Lord Chancellor

Lord Chancellor is a position in the English government. Cardinal Wolsey begins the play as Chancellor, but after his death Thomas More takes over. The Chancellor was an advisor to the King, and was… read analysis of Lord Chancellor

Church of England

Before 1534, the Church of England was the English Church, a branch of the Roman Catholic Church. After 1534 and the Act of Supremacy, the Church of England split from the Catholic Church, and… read analysis of Church of England

The Protestant Reformation

Also known simply as the Reformation, the Protestant Reformation is the roughly 130-year time period during which several new branches of Christianity separated from the Catholic Church. The Reformation began in 1517 when Martin Luther… read analysis of The Protestant Reformation