A New England Nun


Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

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A New England Nun Characters

Louisa Ellis

Louisa Ellis, the protagonist of “A New England Nun,” is a woman who lives alone. She is engaged to Joe Dagget, and has been for fifteen years, although he was away in Australia until… read analysis of Louisa Ellis

Joe Dagget

Joe Dagget is a working man who lives in New England and is engaged to Louisa Ellis. The couple got engaged fifteen years ago, but Joe left for Australia to earn money, and he… read analysis of Joe Dagget

Lily Dyer

Lily Dyer is Joe Dagget’s mother’s caretaker. Lily is strong and proud, and well-liked around town. She and Joe have fallen for each other since Joe has returned from Australia, although neither is willing… read analysis of Lily Dyer