An Abundance of Katherines


John Green

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An Abundance of Katherines Characters

Colin Singleton

Colin is the protagonist of An Abundance of Katherines, and he is also his own antagonist. The novel’s title comes from the fact that Colin has dated nineteen girls, and all of them have… read analysis of Colin Singleton

Hassan Harbish

Hassan is Colin’s best friend. He and Colin take a road trip together to deal with Colin’s breakup with Katherine XIX. While Colin pays for the road trip with money from a television… read analysis of Hassan Harbish

Lindsey Lee Wells

Lindsey Lee Wells is a resident of Gutshot, Tennessee, and is Colin’s primary love interest after the Katherines. Born and raised in Gutshot, Lindsey does not want to leave even though her mother, Hollisread analysis of Lindsey Lee Wells

Hollis Wells

Hollis is Lindsey’s mother. She runs the Gutshot textile factory and takes in Colin and Hassan on their road trip. Lindsey is often frustrated by her mother’s attempts to get her to go to… read analysis of Hollis Wells

Katherine Carter (Katherine I/XIX)

Katherine I is the daughter of Colin’s tutor, Krazy Keith. She was Colin’s first love interest, and she broke up with him after two minutes. Colin remembers her throughout most of the novel… read analysis of Katherine Carter (Katherine I/XIX)
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Katherine Mutsenberger (Katherine III)

Katherine III is one of the girls Colin dated at “smart-kid camp” for a very brief period. He thinks about her a lot because he cannot fit her into the Theorem. He finally calls… read analysis of Katherine Mutsenberger (Katherine III)

The Other Colin (TOC)

“The Other Colin” is Lindsey’s boyfriend throughout most of the novel. There is animosity between TOC and Colin because they are jealous of one another. Hassan makes friends with TOC, until it becomes evident… read analysis of The Other Colin (TOC)

Mrs. Singleton / Colin’s Mother

Mrs. Singleton is Colin’s mother. She is less focused on holding her son to lofty expectations than Mr. Singleton is, but she also sets an impossible goal post for Colin by referring to him… read analysis of Mrs. Singleton / Colin’s Mother

Mr. Singleton / Colin’s Father

Mr. Singleton is Colin’s father. He has been obsessed with Colin’s achievement ever since Colin read aloud part of the newspaper to him, unprompted, as a toddler. He loves his son, and the way… read analysis of Mr. Singleton / Colin’s Father
Minor Characters
Katrina is described as the most attractive girl in Gutshot. She is the first girl Hassan kisses and is his girlfriend for a short while, until it becomes evident that she is cheating on him with TOC.
Chase (JATT)
Chase is one of TOC’s friends. Hassan and Colin refer to him as “Jeans Are Too Tight,” or “JATT.” He surprises Colin by turning on TOC when news of his cheating comes out.
Fulton (SOCT)
Fulton is one of TOC’s friends. Hassan and Colin refer to him as “Short One Chewing Tobacco,” or “SOCT.” He surprises Colin by turning on TOC when news of his cheating comes out.
Mr. Lyford
Mr. Lyford is TOC’s father. He leads the wild hog hunt.
Mabel is one of the “oldsters” Lindsey knew in childhood. When Lindsey, Colin, and Hassan go to interview her, Lindsey realizes that people like Mabel are the ones who really matter. She decides to visit Mabel more often as part of her decision to refocus her life.
Mrs. Harbish
Mrs. Harbish is Hassan’s mother. She wants him to go to college, but convinces Mr. Harbish that a road trip with Colin will not hurt Hassan. In fact, she argues, Colin’s ambition might rub off on him.
Mr. Harbish
Mr. Harbish is Hassan’s father. He worries that his son is wasting his life watching Judge Judy.