Blood Meridian


Cormac McCarthy

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Grannyrat Chambers Character Analysis

A Kentuckian whom the kid meets while the two are incarcerated, along with Toadvine, in the prison in Chihuahua City, Grannyrat served in the Mexico-American War and was part of the force that sacked Chihuahua City during that conflict. Grannyrat joins Glanton’s gang, only to disappear from the gang soon after arriving in Janos. He is probably murdered by the Delawares as a deserter.
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Grannyrat Chambers Character Timeline in Blood Meridian

The timeline below shows where the character Grannyrat Chambers appears in Blood Meridian. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 6
Warfare and Domination Theme Icon
In the prison, the kid sleeps next to Toadvine and a man from Kentucky called Grannyrat Chambers who had served in the Mexican-American War and came back to Mexico to reunite... (full context)
Warfare and Domination Theme Icon
...the hands of the Indians, who the men identify as members of the Comanche tribe. Grannyrat tells about how he saw a man once who had been robbed by the Comanche;... (full context)
Warfare and Domination Theme Icon
Grannyrat tells a final story, about a cave that also served as a burial ground for... (full context)
Warfare and Domination Theme Icon
...per scalp, one thousand dollars for their leader Gómez. Toadvine also tells the kid and Grannyrat that he has secured them positions in the gang, which will result in their freedom... (full context)
Racism and Partisanship Theme Icon
Three days later, Glanton and his gang, which now includes the kid, Toadvine, and Grannyrat, ride out of Chihuahua, led by Governor Trias. Girls throw flowers to them and blow... (full context)
Chapter 7
Warfare and Domination Theme Icon
Racism and Partisanship Theme Icon of riding, the gang makes camp. The narrator explains that Toadvine, the Kid, and Grannyrat are replacements for three scalp hunters who died earlier in the desert. As these three... (full context)
Chapter 8
Racism and Partisanship Theme Icon
...remain. They ride on. While stopping for supper, the Judge asks Toadvine what’s become of Grannyrat Chambers—Toadvine says that he’s separated from the gang, and that he can’t speak for the... (full context)
Chapter 9
Warfare and Domination Theme Icon
Racism and Partisanship Theme Icon
...separated from the gang at Janos return, bringing with them the horse that belonged to Grannyrat. Glanton burns Grannyrat’s saddle, blanket, and other effects. Then the gang rides on. (full context)