Book of Job



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Book of Job: Chapter 25 Summary & Analysis

Next, Bildad the Shuhite speaks. He says that dominion belongs to God, God’s armies are innumerable, and his light shines on everyone. With all that said, how can a mortal be righteous in God’s sight? If even the stars aren’t pure, then a human being, who’s like a worm, certainly cannot be.
This is the last speech given by one of Job’s friends. As the friends have kept talking, it’s become increasingly clear that they aren’t really listening to what Job says in his own defense—they’re listening to themselves talk more than anything, and Job and his friends have grown more and more distant from each other as a result. Here, Bildad repeats the point that nobody is perfect in God’s sight. While this may be true, and Job wouldn’t dispute it, it also doesn’t address Job’s current situation.
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