Cat in the Rain


Ernest Hemingway

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The American Wife

The story’s protagonist is a nameless young American woman on holiday in Italy with her husband, George. She is attractive, with short boyish hair. She is clearly unhappy, bored, and lonely, spending much time… read analysis of The American Wife


The American wife’s husband, George spends most of the story reading on a bed in a hotel room in Italy. He is in the country on holiday with his wife. Though George at times… read analysis of George

The Hotel-keeper

A tall, old, dignified Italian man who looks after guests of the hotel in Italy where the American wife and her husband George are staying while on vacation in Italy. The American wife passes his… read analysis of The Hotel-keeper

The Maid

An Italian woman who works in a hotel in Italy under the hotel-keeper. Her responsibilities include cleaning the room occupied by the American wife and her husband, George. Within the hierarchy of characters… read analysis of The Maid