Laurie Halse Anderson

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Hessians were German soldiers that the British hired to fight for them during the Revolutionary War.
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Hessian Term Timeline in Chains

The timeline below shows where the term Hessian appears in Chains. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 30
Freedom Theme Icon
Slavery and Dehumanization Theme Icon
...Lady Seymour—she needs Isabel’s help, since her Dutch servants left and she has a dozen Hessians staying at her house. Madam says she can’t do the housework herself, but Lockton says... (full context)
Slavery and Dehumanization Theme Icon
Identity, Memory, and Family Theme Icon
...Ruth’s doll, and then dawdles on the way to Lady Seymour’s house. She’s heard that Hessians breathe fire and are always covered in blood, so she figures they’re as bad as... (full context)
Slavery and Dehumanization Theme Icon
The Personal and the Political Theme Icon
...Isabel sees few familiar faces at the Tea Water Pump. Grandfather disappears, and five more Hessians move into Lady Seymour’s house. Isabel is glad to finally lie down to sleep that... (full context)
Chapter 39
The Personal and the Political Theme Icon
...bearing the news that General Washington led a surprise attack on Christmas and beat the Hessians. The war isn’t over. Isabel doesn’t want to carry the note (it could get her... (full context)