Chronicle of a Death Foretold


Gabriel García Márquez

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold Symbols

The Bishop

On the morning of Santiago Nasar’s murder, the Bishop is visiting the town to deliver his blessing. He is less a character than he is a stand-in for some sort of abstract, unattainable holiness…

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The River

In one sense the river, which runs right through the town, is a figure for time in the novel—it forges interminably ahead while simultaneously appearing to recur. Further, the river is the town’s only connection…

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Flowers appear in many forms throughout the text, though their meaning remains somewhat ambiguous. Many of the characters have names that include the Spanish word for flower, “flor”: there’s Divina Flor, Flora Miguel

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Like flowers, birds and references to birds appear throughout the text, often to a somewhat ambiguous effect. Santiago Nasar dreams of birds the night before his murder, and Plácida Linero fails to recognize this…

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