Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Robert Louis Stevenson

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Symbols

Mist and Moonlight

The streets of Utterson’s London are obscured by the weather, just as the mysteries of Mr. Hyde’s crimes and existence, and his relationship with Jekyll, are themselves obscured. The mist makes the layout… read analysis of Mist and Moonlight

The Appearance of Evil

When Mr. Hyde is first described, he is associated with a strange, unnerving sensation, a sensation of evil. Mr. Enfield describes it as a “deformity”, but it is not a physical condition – it is… read analysis of The Appearance of Evil

Letters and Documents

There are many complicated, convoluted interactions between the characters in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Confessions, transferals of responsibility, and even the narrative itself are all forms of documentation that create the suspense and… read analysis of Letters and Documents