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Martin Dysart

A psychiatrist at Rokesby Psychiatric Hospital who takes on Alan Strang’s case. Dysart is devoted to his work and generally admired for his skill as a psychiatrist, but throughout the play voices his ambivalence… (read full character analysis)

Alan Strang

An intense teenage boy, age 17, with a deep connection to religion, who blinds six horses one night in Harry Dalton’s stable. He is the son of Frank and Dora Strang. Up until… (read full character analysis)

Frank Strang

Alan Strang’s father, a devoted atheist, and a hardworking, “self-improving” man. Frank’s strict and sometimes-explosive nature is the main source of tension in the Strang household. In addition, his atheism often comes into conflict… (read full character analysis)

Dora Strang

Alan Strang’s mother. A devout Christian and an indulgent parent, Dora brought up her son by telling him Bible stories and secretly allowing him to watch television, an activity her husband, Frank Strang(read full character analysis)

Jill Mason

An employee at Harry Dalton’s stable. A kind and free-spirited person, she meets Alan Strang at the appliance store where he works, recognizes that he is often watching the horses at the stable, and… (read full character analysis)
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Minor Characters
Hesther Salomon
A magistrate who convinces the court to send Alan Strang to get psychiatric treatment instead of going to prison. She is also Martin Dysart’s close friend and confidante.
Harry Dalton
The owner of the horse stable where Jill Mason and Alan Strang work.
Young Horseman
The man who gives Alan Strang his first horseback ride, when he was just a boy.
A nurse at Rokesby Psychiatric Hospital who cares for Alan Strang.