Escape from Camp 14


Blaine Harden

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Kim Jong Eun is the current leader of North Korea, and the son of Kim Jong Il. He was raised in luxury, and studied in Switzerland. In spite of his apparent lack of qualifications to run a country, he ascended to lead Korea after his father died in 2011. Kim’s reign has thus far been characterized by a mixture of relatively progressive social and economic reforms, coupled with an aggressive nuclear policy and a cult of personality similar to the one surrounding his father.

Kim Jong Eun Quotes in Escape from Camp 14

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Chapter 3 Quotes

From his office in Singapore, Kim Kwan Jin watched in early February 2003 as his colleagues stuffed twenty million dollars in cash into two heavy-duty bags and sent them, via Beijing, to Pyongyang. This was money that had been paid by international insurance companies.

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Kim Jong Eun Character Timeline in Escape from Camp 14

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Introduction: Never Heard the Word “Love”
Tyranny and the North Korean State Theme Icon
Shin is about the same age as Kim Jong Eun , who became the North Korean leader in 2011. Kim was raised in luxury; he... (full context)
Tyranny and the North Korean State Theme Icon hundred thousand prisoners live there. The camp population began to grow after 2011, when Kim Jong Eun took over from his father. According to South Korean intelligence, there are six camps, the... (full context)
Chapter 3: The Upper Crust
Tyranny and the North Korean State Theme Icon
Indoctrination and Brainwashing Theme Icon
The present leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Eun , had no real qualifications to run a country. He studied in Switzerland, where he... (full context)