James Joyce

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Little Keogh the Cripple Character Analysis

Another one of Eveline’s neighbors who used to play in the field. He used to keep watch for Eveline’s father in the field and warn the other children when he was coming. The fact that he is crippled is quite possibly a conscious decision on Joyce’s part to foreshadow Eveline’s later paralysis, and also perhaps reflects the fact that many Dubliners remain “crippled” or paralyzed – immobile and trapped in monotonous Dublin life, unable to find an escape.
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Little Keogh the Cripple Character Timeline in Eveline

The timeline below shows where the character Little Keogh the Cripple appears in Eveline. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Paralysis and Inaction Theme Icon
The Many Forms of Death Theme Icon
...the neighborhood children and her siblings, except for Ernest, because he was already too old. Keogh the cripple used to warn them when Eveline’s father—who was carrying a blackthorn stick, most likely as... (full context)