Everyday Use


Alice Walker

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Everyday Use Characters


The narrator of the story, Mama is an African-American woman living in the Deep South. She is a hard-working, practical person with simple tastes, and she lives with her younger daughter, Maggie, in their… read analysis of Mama


Dee, a young, well-educated, and self-confident African-American woman, is Mama’s daughter and Maggie’s sister. The story centers around Dee’s visit with her family at her childhood home in the Deep South. As a… read analysis of Dee


Maggie, Mama’s younger daughter and Dee’s sister, is a timid, nervous, kind-hearted young woman. Compared to Dee, she is less intelligent and less beautiful, and has not received the education her sister has… read analysis of Maggie


Hakim-a-barber is Dee’s partner, whom Dee brings to Mama and Maggie’s house with her. When they arrive at the house, he greets the family by saying “Asalamalakim,” and so Mama mockingly uses this… read analysis of Hakim-a-barber