Fiela’s Child


Dalene Matthee

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Kristoffel Character Analysis

Kristoffel is the second-oldest son of Elias and Barta and eventually a “brother” to Benjamin. Like Willem, he is initially loyal to his father, but he grows increasingly estranged from him over the course of the novel, particularly after he finds out that his parents lied about Benjamin being “Lukas.”

Kristoffel Quotes in Fiela’s Child

The Fiela’s Child quotes below are all either spoken by Kristoffel or refer to Kristoffel. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Race and Identity Theme Icon
Chapter 14 Quotes

‘I’m your pa! That’s who I am! Say it! Say who I am!’ He was as tough as a piece of ironwood. ‘Say who I am!’



For every answer he gave him a lash. ‘And who are you?’

‘Benja— Lukas.’

‘Lukas who?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Lukas van Rooyen. Say it!’

‘Lukas van Rooyen.’

Related Characters: Elias (speaker), Benjamin (speaker), Barta, Lukas, Nina, Willem, Kristoffel, Fiela, The Magistrate
Page Number: 159
Explanation and Analysis:
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Kristoffel Character Timeline in Fiela’s Child

The timeline below shows where the character Kristoffel appears in Fiela’s Child. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 18
Parenting Theme Icon
Humanity vs. Nature Theme Icon
...a pit. They all dig a pit over the course of days, with Willem and Kristoffel sometimes stopping by to help and Elias often leaving the children alone. (full context)
Race and Identity Theme Icon
Parenting Theme Icon
Benjamin talks with Kristoffel, who says that it seems like Benjamin has become Elias’s favorite assistant for helping with... (full context)
Chapter 19
Race and Identity Theme Icon
...By the start of the New Year, Benjamin begins to think of Willem, Nina, and Kristoffel as his siblings, although it’s harder to accept Elias and Barta as his parents. (full context)
Chapter 20
Humanity vs. Nature Theme Icon to buy a gun to hunt elephants. Still, he’s glad that “Lukas” (Benjamin) and Kristoffel have been so easy to deal with. (full context)
Chapter 22
Parenting Theme Icon
Nina has once again gone missing, and with Willem and Kristoffel away, Elias has no choice but to send Benjamin to find her. Benjamin figures she... (full context)
Chapter 24
Parenting Theme Icon
Humanity vs. Nature Theme Icon
...the wind is on his side. Elias goes and sends Barta to get buchu and Kristoffel to get dung, saying he needs it for part of a cure for his rheumatism. (full context)
Chapter 28
Race and Identity Theme Icon
Parenting Theme Icon
...around Elias and Barta’s house. Benjamin walks inside and finds Barta, who mistakes him for Kristoffel at first. She calls out to Elias at once, happy to see “Lukas.” (full context)
Race and Identity Theme Icon
Parenting Theme Icon
...the house, he worries that they will need him to help make wood beams while Kristoffel is away. But around dusk, Kristoffel shows up. Together, they agree they have to get... (full context)
Parenting Theme Icon
Against Elias’s protests, Benjamin and Kristoffel carry him outside into the sun. Elias says Benjamin ran away like a disobedient dog.... (full context)
Chapter 29
Parenting Theme Icon
Benjamin goes back to the van Rooyen house. Elias, Barta, and Kristoffel are all sitting around having a meal. Elias looks healthier than before. Barta seems to... (full context)
Chapter 31
Parenting Theme Icon
Justice Theme Icon
...child of three could’ve made it to Long Kloof. Soon after Barta told the truth, Kristoffel left without saying anything. When he comes back to Elias, he says he feels like... (full context)