Edwin A. Abbott

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A Square

The narrator and protagonist of the story, which he writes in prison—he has been arrested for attempting to educate others about the third dimension. A Square can be seen as the voice of Abbot himself… read analysis of A Square

The Sphere / The Stranger

An inhabitant of Spaceland who visits Flatland at the start of every millennium in search of a new apostle who can enlighten others regarding the third dimension. A Square first refers to the Sphere as… read analysis of The Sphere / The Stranger

The Monarch of Lineland

The king of the one-dimensional world of Lineland. Rude and ignorant, the Monarch fails to see or even consider anything that is not natural to his world. Despite A Squares efforts to explain… read analysis of The Monarch of Lineland

The Monarch of Pointland

The king of Pointland, the Abyss of No dimension. He believes himself to be his entire world and universe. Although A Square tries to help the Point out of his complacency, the Point interprets A… read analysis of The Monarch of Pointland

A Square’s Grandson

The younger of A Square’s two hexagonal grandchildren. He exhibits unusual insight and, thus, perfect angularity. After A Square teaches his grandson the concept of squaring through the geometrical creation of one large square… read analysis of A Square’s Grandson
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Minor Characters
The Chief Circle of Flatland during the time when painting was practiced and Flatlandians had color. He prevented the passage of the Universal Colour Bill and restored social order.
A Square’s Wife
A Squares wife, the only female character in Flatland.
A Square’s Brother
A Squares brother, who is also a square. He is imprisoned after witnessing the revelation of the Sphere.
The President
The head of the Grand Council who sentences A Square to perpetual imprisonment for attempting to educate other Flatlandians about the third dimension.