Flowering Judas


Katherine Anne Porter

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Flowering Judas Characters


Laura, the protagonist of the story, is a twenty-two year-old American woman of deep “political faith,” who has come to Mexico to aid the Socialist cause. She teaches largely indigenous students in nearby Xochimilco and… read analysis of Laura


A self-styled “leader of men,” Braggioni is the story’s antagonist and Mrs. Braggioni’s husband. Hypocritical, vulgar, and corpulent, Braggioni is extremely influential in local politics and has become addicted to power, wearing elegant clothing… read analysis of Braggioni


A prisoner who dies in prison of an overdose, Eugenio barely appears in the story as himself. Rather, his main importance is his appearance in Laura’s dream, where he bids her eat the Judasread analysis of Eugenio

Mrs. Braggioni

Braggioni’s long-suffering wife, Mrs. Braggioni is still active in the Socialist cause, organizing the girls who work in the cigarette factories and marching in picket lines. However, Laura’s sense of freedom is foreign… read analysis of Mrs. Braggioni

The Roumanian and Polish Agitators

The Roumanian (as spelled in the story) and Polish agitators are two largely interchangeable protest organizers who scheme against each other but are firmly in Braggioni’s power. Both flirt with Laura, with the… read analysis of The Roumanian and Polish Agitators
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The Minstrel

“A brown, shock-haired youth” who stands outside Laura’s house and sings “like a lost soul” for hours on end. He introduces the concept of Judas flower, which, as Lupe tells Laura, she must… read analysis of The Minstrel
Minor Characters
The Young Captain
A young hero who professes love to Laura, but ends up a figure of fun, trying to teach Laura to ride horses (which she already learned back in the States) only to lose his own horse in the process.
Laura’s “Indian maid” who announces Braggioni’s presence at the beginning of the story.