Funny Boy


Shyam Selvadurai

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Vijaya and Kuveni Term Analysis

The legendary first king and queen of Sri Lanka, who ruled the island for a half-century until about 500 BC. Vijaya, who came to Sri Lanka from India, supposedly married the indigenous Kuveni, with their offspring becoming the Sinhalese people’s forefathers. The Victoria Academy’s Sinhala Drama Society performs a version of this story, symbolizing Sri Lankans’ growing investment in Sinhala ethnic nationalism during the years leading up to the nation’s Civil War.
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Vijaya and Kuveni Term Timeline in Funny Boy

The timeline below shows where the term Vijaya and Kuveni appears in Funny Boy. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
5. The Best School of All
Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Violence Theme Icon
Justice, Power, and Moral Awakening Theme Icon
...national anthem, and then the school’s Sinhala Drama Society performs a Sinhalese origin story about Vijaya and Kuveni , which ends suddenly and signals that it is Arjie’s turn. (full context)