Gathering Blue


Lois Lowry

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Gathering Blue Characters


The young protagonist of Gathering Blue, Kira is a girl with a lame leg, who is probably around twelve years old and who excels at weaving. Throughout the novel, she’s forced to fight to… read analysis of Kira


A young, rambunctious boy, probably around seven, who lives in the Fen near the village. Matt is a close friend of Kira’s. Though he affects swagger and strength, two qualities that make him try… read analysis of Matt


Katrina’s husband and Kira’s father. Kira believes Christopher to be dead until the last chapters of the book. In the village, Christopher was an excellent hunter and a charismatic leader, and he was… read analysis of Christopher

Thomas the Carver

Kira’s friend, and another orphaned artist who works for the Council of Guardians, Thomas is a talented wood carver who spends his days repairing the Singer’s staff. Like Kira, Thomas is a… read analysis of Thomas the Carver


The Council Guardian responsible for defending Kira in her suit with Vandara, Jamison appears to be a kind, respectful father figure giving Kira both safety and attention. As the novel progresses, though, it becomes… read analysis of Jamison
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The Singer

An artist whose sole responsibility is to sing the day-long Ruin Song before the entire village at the annual Gathering. The Singer is highly respected in the village, though he lives a hard life, studying… read analysis of The Singer


A strong, cruel, petty, and possibly murderous woman who tries to have Kira dragged into the Field of the Living after Katrina dies. Vandara is an intimidating woman, and many of the other women in… read analysis of Vandara


An old woman who lives in the forest and teaches both Katrina and Kira the arts of weaving. Annabella is immensely old, and thus respected for her wisdom. Like Kira, she is kind to others… read analysis of Annabella


A young girl who is an excellent signer and who was abducted by the Council of Guardians and forced to life in the Edifice, studying music. Jo will become the future singer when the current… read analysis of Jo

Chief guardian

An old, powerful man who, as the head of the Council, organizes the village’s annual Gathering and presides over trials, including Kira’s. The chief guardian seems to believe that women have no rights—at the… read analysis of Chief guardian

Katrina’s brother

Kira’s “uncle” (though the village doesn’t use this term) is a callous, unfeeling man who drags his wife, Solora, to the Field of the Living after she dies in childbirth. He’s shown to… read analysis of Katrina’s brother
Minor Characters
Kira’s loving mother, who dies of sickness shortly before the novel begins. Katrina is an accomplished weaver, though Kira’s abilities quickly eclipse hers. She’s also a warm and compassionate woman who saves her daughter from infanticide, even though it’s customary in the village to kill all deformed babies.
A villager whose daughter dies around the same time that Katrina succumbs to sickness.
The son of Katrina’s brother, and thus, Kira’s cousin (though the village doesn’t think in such terms).
The wife of Kira’s mother’s brother—in other words, Kira’s aunt. Solora dies in childbirth around the time when the novel begins.
The daughter of Katrina’s brother, and thus, Kira’s cousin (though the village doesn’t think in such terms).
Matt’s dog, usually very inquisitive and energetic.
A woman who works at the weaving shed.
A woman who works at the weaving shed and is later dragged to the Field of the Living to die after she breaks her arms in an accident and can no longer work.
A carpenter and friend of Katrina’s.