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Lois Lowry

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Kira notices that the Singer of the Ruin Song wears a heavy chain that restricts his movements and causes him to leave a trail of blood wherever he walks. When Kira sees this, she realizes that she is no better off than the Singer. In spite of her pampered lifestyle, she’s imprisoned in the Council Edifice, forced to create art—in her case, a robe—that doesn’t reflect what she feels or believes. It’s important to note that even after she realizes this, Kira agrees to remain in the Edifice, working on her own, secret version of the robe. Unlikely as it sounds, perhaps it’s possible to fight the Council—and any tyrannical system—while still appearing to be a slave to that system.

The Singer’s Chain Quotes in Gathering Blue

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Art and Creative Instinct Theme Icon
Chapter 23 Quotes

The three of them — the new little Singer who would one day take the chained Singer's place; Thomas the Carver, who with his meticulous tools wrote the history of the world; and she herself, the one who colored that history — they were the artists who could create the future.

Related Characters: Kira, Thomas the Carver, Jo
Related Symbols: The Robe, Staff, and Ruin Song, The Singer’s Chain
Page Number: 237
Explanation and Analysis:
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Chapter 23
Art and Creative Instinct Theme Icon
Self-Interest versus Compassion Theme Icon
Power and Freedom Theme Icon
Pain and Maturity Theme Icon
...blood behind him. Kira also saw why: he was wearing ankle cuffs and a heavy chain. (full context)