Going Places


A.R. Barton

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Going Places Characters


Sophie is the story’s teenaged protagonist who, despite her dismal working-class life, spends much of her time fantasizing about a glamorous and wealthy future. She dreams of being a shop-owner and actress, or maybe a… read analysis of Sophie


Geoff is Sophie’s older brother, the oldest child in the family. He is a mechanic who has a motorcycle, and (to Sophie, at least) this appears to give him freedom and a glamorous life… read analysis of Geoff


Jansie is a friend of Sophie’s. They are both working class, and their families appear to be friends with one another. Josie is considerably more realistic and pessimistic than Sophie. She knows that the… read analysis of Jansie

Sophie’s Father

Sophie’s father, who is not named, is the story’s antagonist. He works in some kind of manual labor, returning home each night dirty and sweaty and shoveling food into his mouth. He treats Sophie… read analysis of Sophie’s Father

Danny Casey

Danny Casey is a famous football star who is greatly admired, most importantly by Sophie’s older brother Geoff. He is described as a young, bright, beloved “prodigy.” Sophie tells her family a story that… read analysis of Danny Casey
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Sophie’s mother. She appears to be a homemaker who is resigned to a dreary life, and is not particularly interested in or close to her children or husband. Very little information is provided about her… read analysis of Mother
Minor Characters
Sophie’s younger brother. He plays a minor role in the story, re-iterating his parents’ belief that Sophie’s ambitions are silly and that one must be practical about money.