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The emperor of Japan during World War Two, Emperor Hirohito played a relatively minor role in running his country, but nevertheless wielded a huge amount of symbolic power over his country. When the Allies dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, it was the emperor who formally surrendered—an event that an entire generation of Japanese citizens remembered in vivid detail for the rest of their lives.

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Chapter 3 Quotes

When they came to know the war was ended—that is, Japan was defeated, they, of course, were deeply disappointed, but followed after their Emperor's commandment in calm spirit, making whole-hearted sacrifice for the everlasting peace of the world—and Japan started her new way.

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Chapter Three: Details Are Being Investigated
The Atomic Age, Politics, and Morality Theme Icon
On August 15, Emperor Hirohito makes a radio announcement: on behalf of the Japanese state, he is surrendering to the... (full context)