Hunters in the Snow


Tobias Wolff

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Hunters in the Snow Characters


As his name suggests, Tub is fat, slow, and the butt of Kenny and Frank’s jokes. He is the story’s protagonist, but he has none of the heroism or charisma of a traditional leading character… read analysis of Tub


Frank is, in many ways, the most powerful of the three friends, profiting from Kenny and Tub’s evident dislike of each other by switching sides when it is convenient. He believes that “[t]here are all… read analysis of Frank


Bullying, cunning, and brutal, Kenny is the ringleader of the friend group, but he is a genuine friend to neither Frank nor Tub. He obviously dislikes Tub, whom he mocks mercilessly for being fat… read analysis of Kenny


Described as “a thin man with lank hair,” the farmer owns the land on which Kenny, Frank, and Tub want to hunt. Although his dog whom he loves is too old and sick to… read analysis of Farmer

Woman With Sleeping Child

This woman, who is pale and sweating, is sitting by a smoking stove in the farmhouse with a sleeping child on her lap. Presumably, she is the farmer’s wife but she is never explicitly referred… read analysis of Woman With Sleeping Child
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Farmer’s Dog

The farmer’s dog is big, black and so old that he can’t “chew his food anymore.” Like the human characters in the story, his frailty makes him aggressive: he runs out and barks at the… read analysis of Farmer’s Dog
Minor Characters
Roxanne Brewer
A fifteen year-old babysitter with whom Frank is in love. Frank tells Tub that she “is something special,” and that she has “opened up whole worlds to me.”
Frank’s wife and the mother of his kids.