Interpreter of Maladies


Jhumpa Lahiri

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The doctor has a practice where Mr. Kapasi has a second job working as an interpreter, translating maladies of patients who do not speak the physician’s language. This is the same doctor that Mr. Kapasi had taken his ill son to before he died. Mr. Kapasi took the job at the doctor’s office in order to pay for his son’s care before his death.

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Mariner Books edition of Interpreter of Maladies published in 1999.
Interpreter of Maladies Quotes

She would write to him, asking about his days interpreting at the doctor’s office, and he would respond eloquently, choosing only the most entertaining anecdotes, ones that would make her laugh out loud as she read them in her house in New Jersey. In time she would reveal the disappointment of her marriage, and he his. In this way their friendship would grow, and flourish.

Related Characters: Mr. Kapasi, Mrs. Das, The doctor
Page Number: 20
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They reached Konarak at two-thirty. The temple, made of sandstone, was a massive pyramid-like structure in the shape of a chariot. It was dedicated to the great master of life, the sun […] “It says the temple occupies about a hundred and seventy acres of land,” Mr. Das said, reading from his book.

Related Characters: Mr. Das (speaker), Mr. Kapasi, Mr. Das, Bobby, Ronny, The doctor
Related Symbols: The Sun Temple
Page Number: 21
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Interpreter of Maladies
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...spots. He mentions that he has a second job working as an interpreter in a doctor’s office, translating for patients who do not speak the doctor’s language. Mrs. Das is intrigued... (full context)
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Mr. Kapasi had only taken the job in the doctor’s office to pay for the medical bills of an ill son, who has since passed... (full context)