Into the Wild


Jon Krakauer

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Into the Wild: Chapter 13 Summary & Analysis

Carine relives the day she learned of her brother’s death, musing that if their family dog Buck had accompanied Chris, he might have taken fewer risks.
The question of “what if,” lingers over Carine’s rumination, heightening the sense that Chris could have survived.
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Now a successful and ambitious businesswoman, Carine remembers how Chris used to tease her for her capitalistic zeal, yet remained her closest confidant.
Though Carine’s values oppose Chris’, their bond remains strong, suggesting that the differences between Chris and his family were not entirely irreconcilable, as Chris so ardently believed.
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As Chris’ family continue to mourn his death, Carine and Billie lose weight suddenly, while Walt overeats, gaining several pounds.
The McCandless’s weight fluctuations parallel Chris’ own experiences with hunger, bringing the family closer to Chris than ever before.
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