Klara and the Sun


Kazuo Ishiguro

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Klara and the Sun Characters


Klara is an Artificial Friend (a type of robot) whom Josie and the Mother purchase. She is described as looking like a French woman. From the very beginning, when she is on display in the… read analysis of Klara


At the beginning of the story, Josie is a 14-and-a-half-year-old girl who lives with her mom (the Mother) and their housekeeper (Melania Housekeeper) in a nice home in a rural area… read analysis of Josie

The Mother

Josie’s mom is called Chris (or Chrissie) by fellow humans, but she is always referred to by Klara as “the Mother.” Throughout the story, the Mother’s main goal is to provide the best possible… read analysis of The Mother


Rick is Josie’s best friend and next-door neighbor. He and his mother, Miss Helen, are originally from Britain. Rick and Josie spend a lot of time together and have a plan to be… read analysis of Rick

Melania Housekeeper

Melania Housekeeper is a housekeeper who lives with the Mother, Josie, and eventually Klara. English is not her first language, and she often speaks bluntly in ways that surprise Klara. Melania Housekeeper… read analysis of Melania Housekeeper
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Manager is a human woman who runs a store in an unspecified American city that sells Artificial Friends (a type of robot), including Klara, Rosa, and Rex. Klara, Rosa, and Rex are… read analysis of Manager

Beggar Man

Beggar Man is a man Klara watches through the window of the store run by Manager. Beggar Man seems to live on the street with his dog, and one day he stops moving, leading… read analysis of Beggar Man

Miss Helen

Miss Helen is Rick’s mother. She is known for speaking her mind, arguably too much. Rick often worries about her, and it is strongly implied that she is often drunk or otherwise impaired. Though… read analysis of Miss Helen

The Father

The Father is Josie’s father and the Mother’s ex-husband. A talented engineer, he is still on speaking terms with the Mother, but they often disagree about what’s best for Josie, particularly when it… read analysis of The Father

Mr. Capaldi

Mr. Capaldi is a man who lives in the big city and has been hired by the Mother to make a “portrait” of Josie. In fact, however, the portrait is a lifelike Artificial Friendread analysis of Mr. Capaldi

Coffee Cup Lady and Raincoat Man

Coffee Cup Lady (named because she is the same shape as the coffee cups Klara sees in Manager’s store) and Raincoat Man (named because he wears a raincoat) are two people that Klara watches… read analysis of Coffee Cup Lady and Raincoat Man


Vance is an old lover of Miss Helen’s who ends up holding an influential position at the college Atlas Brookings—the only school that considers accepting students (like Rick) who haven’t been “liftedread analysis of Vance


Sal is the Mother’s daughter and Josie’s sister who died of disease at a young age. It was a painful event for everyone, and this prompted the mother to have Mr. Capaldi create… read analysis of Sal


Rosa is a B2 Artificial Friend (a type of robot) from the same store as Klara and Rex. Rosa and Klara are often together, but Rosa doesn’t seem to be as observant as Klara… read analysis of Rosa


Rex is a B2 Artificial Friend (a type of robot) from the same store as Klara and Rosa. Unlike Klara and Rosa, who are Girl AFs, Rex is a Boy AF, meaning he was… read analysis of Rex

Mr. McBain

Mr. McBain, who never appears in the story, owns a barn near Josie’s house that happens to be right where the Sun sets from Josie’s window. The barn becomes a Stonehenge-like place of worship… read analysis of Mr. McBain