Klara and the Sun


Kazuo Ishiguro

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Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun is a story that looks at love from a variety of different perspectives. Perhaps the most difficult question about love that the novel poses is about whether or not love itself is a strictly human experience. The “portrait” of Josie that Mr. Capaldi makes particularly emphasizes this question. The “portrait” is actually a robotic replica of Josie, and the Mother’s plan if Josie dies is for Klara—a robot—to “continue” Josie’s life by trying to literally become her. Many of the characters in the novel wonder how well this plan would work—is there something special about humans like Josie that makes them irreplaceable to the people who love them, or can a robotic clone inspire the same feelings of love? What’s in a person’s heart, and is it possible to replicate it? Ultimately, Josie survives, and these questions are never put to the test, but readers and characters alike are still left to grapple with them.

Klara, for her part, concludes at the end of the novel that there is something special about Josie—if not inside her, then in the love that other people have for her. In turn, Klara and the Sun reaffirms the idea that love is a central part of the human condition and, more specifically, something that ultimately makes life worth living. And yet, at the same time, if the thing that makes someone like Josie special is the love other people have for her, then it’s arguable that she really could be replaced by a convincing replica, as long as her loved ones were unable to discern a difference. In this way, the novel both celebrates the deeply human experience of being in love while also challenging readers to consider the possibility that love itself can be created artificially—though it’s also reasonable to suggest that this only demonstrates love’s truly universal quality.

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The Meaning of Love Quotes in Klara and the Sun

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Part One Quotes

“Klara, you’re quite remarkable,” Manager said, keeping her voice soft so as not to disturb Rosa and the others. “You notice and absorb so much.” She shook her head as though in wonder. Then she said: “What you must understand is that we’re a very special store. There are many children out there who would love to be able to choose you, choose Rosa, any one of you here. But it’s not possible for them. You’re beyond their reach. That’s why they come to the window, to dream about having you. But then they get sad.”

Related Characters: Manager (speaker), Klara, Josie, Rosa
Page Number: 10
Explanation and Analysis:

“Well, Klara. Since you appear to know so much about it. Will you please reproduce for me Josie’s walk? Will you do that for me? Right now? My daughter’s walk?”

Related Characters: The Mother (speaker), Klara, Josie, Manager
Page Number: 44
Explanation and Analysis:
Part Two Quotes

She had by now both hands on Rick’s left shoulder, resting her weight there as if trying to make him less tall and the two of them the same height. But Rick seemed not to mind her nearness—in fact he seemed to think it normal—and the idea occurred to me that perhaps, in his own way, this boy was as important to Josie as was the Mother; and that his aims and mine might in some ways be almost parallel, and that I should observe him carefully to understand how he belonged within the strange pattern of Josie’s life.

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Josie, Rick
Page Number: 62
Explanation and Analysis:

“I suppose they have a point though,” he said. “I don’t belong here. This is a meeting for lifted kids.”

Related Characters: Rick (speaker), Klara, Josie, The Mother
Page Number: 82
Explanation and Analysis:

“Okay, Josie. So tell me how you’ll get well.”

“There’s special help coming. Something no one’s thought of yet. Then I’ll be well again.”

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), The Mother (speaker), Josie
Page Number: 105
Explanation and Analysis:
Part Three Quotes

“These folks surrounding her. Am I to assume they’re aliens? It almost looks like instead of a head, they have, well, a giant eyeball. I’m sorry if I have this all wrong.”

Related Characters: Rick (speaker), Klara, Josie, The Mother, Mr. Capaldi
Page Number: 123
Explanation and Analysis:

“What I really wished to ask you, Klara. The real request, the deeper one. Would you ask Josie to try and persuade Rick? She’s the one person who might change his stance. He’s very stubborn, you see, and also—I suspect this—rather afraid. And who can blame him? He knows the world out there won’t be easy. But Josie’s the one capable of getting him to see this differently. Will you speak to her?”

Related Characters: Miss Helen (speaker), Klara, Josie, The Mother, Rick
Page Number: 151
Explanation and Analysis:

“Please make Josie better. Just as you did Beggar Man.”

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Josie, Rick, Beggar Man, Mr. McBain
Related Symbols: The Cootings Machine, The Sun
Page Number: 163
Explanation and Analysis:

“Don’t want to die, Mom. I don’t want that.”

“It’s okay. Okay.” The Mother’s voice was soft, at just the same level mine had been.

“I don’t want that, Mom.”

“I know. I know. It’s okay.”

Related Characters: Josie (speaker), The Mother (speaker), Klara
Page Number: 177
Explanation and Analysis:
Part Four Quotes

He clearly wished to greet Josie with an embrace, and looked around for somewhere to put down the paper bag, but Josie stepped forward and put her arms around him, paper bag and all. As he received her embrace, his gaze wandered around the room and fell on me. Then he looked away and closed his eyes, letting his cheek rest against the top of her head. They stayed like that for a time, keeping very still, not even rocking slowly the way the Mother and Josie did sometimes during their morning farewells.

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Josie, The Mother, The Father
Page Number: 185
Explanation and Analysis:

I turned the corner of the L and saw Josie there, suspended in the air. She wasn’t very high—her feet were at the height of my shoulders—but because she was leaning forward, arms outstretched, fingers spread, she seemed to be frozen in the act of falling. Little beams illuminated her from various angles, forbidding her any refuge. Her face was very like that of the real Josie, but because there was at the eyes no kind smile, the upward curve of her lips gave her an expression I’d never seen before. The face looked disappointed and afraid.

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Josie, The Mother, The Father, Mr. Capaldi
Page Number: 201
Explanation and Analysis:

“You know, Klara. I don’t even know what this is about. But I want what’s best for Josie. Exactly the same as you. So I’m willing to grasp at any chance that comes our way.”

I turned to him with a smile and nodded. “Yes,” I said. “Then let’s try.”

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), The Father (speaker), Josie
Related Symbols: The Cootings Machine, The Sun
Page Number: 224
Explanation and Analysis:

“Now Rick. You said just now you’re not seeking favoritism. Then let me ask you this. If that is really the case, then why am I sitting in front of you now?

Related Characters: Vance (speaker), Klara, Rick, Miss Helen
Page Number: 246
Explanation and Analysis:

Its body was a different shade of yellow, its dimensions a little greater—and its ability to create Pollution more than a match for the first Cootings Machine.

Related Characters: Klara (speaker)
Related Symbols: The Cootings Machine, The Sun
Page Number: 258
Explanation and Analysis:
Part Five Quotes

“You must tell me if the love between Rick and Josie is genuine, if it’s a true and lasting one. I must know this. Because if the answer is yes, then I’ll have something to bargain with, regardless of what occurred in the city. So please think carefully Rick, and tell me the truth.”

“I don’t need to think. Josie and I grew up together and we’re part of each other. And we’ve got our plan. So of course our love’s genuine and forever. And it won’t make any difference to us who’s been lifted and who hasn’t. That’s your answer, Klara, and there won’t be any other.”

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Rick (speaker), Josie
Page Number: 266
Explanation and Analysis:

But I’m remembering how delighted you were on that day Coffee Cup Lady and Raincoat Man found each other again. You were so delighted and couldn’t help showing it. So I know just how much it matters to you that people who love one another are brought together, even after many years.

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Josie, Rick, Beggar Man, Coffee Cup Lady and Raincoat Man
Related Symbols: The Sun
Page Number: 271
Explanation and Analysis:

“And there was more. On this question of being lifted. She wants you to know she wouldn’t wish it any other way. If she had the power to do it again, and this time it was up to her, she says she’d do exactly what you did and you’ll always be the best mother she could have.”

Related Characters: Rick (speaker), Klara, Josie, The Mother, Miss Helen, Vance
Page Number: 277
Explanation and Analysis:

The Sun was illuminating her, and the entire bed, in a ferocious half-disc of orange, and the Mother, standing closest to the bed, was having to raise her hands to her face.

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Josie, The Mother, Rick, Melania Housekeeper
Page Number: 279
Explanation and Analysis:
Part Six Quotes

“But now we’re no longer kids, we have to wish each other the best and go our different ways. It couldn’t have worked out, me going to college, trying to compete with all those lifted kids. I’ve got my own plans now, and that’s how it should be. But that was no lie, Klara. And in a funny way, it still isn’t a lie now.”

Related Characters: Rick (speaker), Klara, Josie
Related Symbols: The Sun
Page Number: 288
Explanation and Analysis:

“Klara deserves better. She deserves her slow fade.”

Related Characters: The Mother (speaker), Klara, Josie, Mr. Capaldi
Page Number: 294
Explanation and Analysis:

When she was mid-distance, she stopped and turned, and I thought she might look back one last time at me. But she was gazing at the far distance, in the direction of the construction crane on the horizon. Then she continued to walk away.

Related Characters: Klara (speaker), Manager
Related Symbols: The Sun, The Cootings Machine
Page Number: 303
Explanation and Analysis: