Little Plastic Shipwreck


Cate Kennedy

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Kaz Character Analysis

Kaz is Roley’s colleague. Like Roley, she is affected by Samson’s death. He reminisces with her about the time that he defied Declan in the dolphin show, suggesting that they are allies in the face of Declan’s authoritarianism. When Roley leaves Oceanworld, he thinks distractedly that he’ll write a card to Kaz. Nevertheless, he does not say goodbye, and it seems possible that he’ll never see her again.
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Kaz Character Timeline in Little Plastic Shipwreck

The timeline below shows where the character Kaz appears in Little Plastic Shipwreck. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Little Plastic Shipwreck
Humans, Animals, and Consciousness Theme Icon
...expression whatsoever” and just “cruised past, a vegetable with fins.” When Roley voices this to Kaz, she recalls the cliché that goldfish are known for their short-term memory: “Nothing going on.... (full context)
Humans, Animals, and Consciousness Theme Icon
Hierarchy, Authority, and Compassion Theme Icon
Kaz comes to help him move the body to the cool room, giving Roley a “tearful... (full context)