Oryx and Crake


Margaret Atwood

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Crake’s mother Character Analysis

Crake’s mother appears very infrequently. She is kind to Crake and Jimmy, and carefully fixes food for them when they are at Crake’s house. She respects Crake’s privacy, and makes a point of never going in his room. She dies after catching a “hot bioform”—Jimmy believes Crake infected her in order to test his plague.
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Crake’s mother Character Timeline in Oryx and Crake

The timeline below shows where the character Crake’s mother appears in Oryx and Crake. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4
Corporate Power & Commodification Theme Icon
The State of Human Relationships Theme Icon
...Jimmy and Crake always watch these channels when its late afternoon, and no one but Crake’s mother is home. She respects Crake’s privacy and never bothers them or enters his room. On... (full context)
Chapter 8
Scientific Progress & Its Costs Theme Icon
The State of Human Relationships Theme Icon
After the ceremony, Crake approaches Jimmy and brings up the subject of his own mother , who we learn passed away suddenly only a month ago. Crake explains what happened... (full context)