Pale Fire


Vladimir Nabokov

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Andronnikov Character Analysis

Andronnikov is a Russian man working for the Zemblan extremists, and he is Niagarin’s partner. Andronnikov and Niagarin are hired by the Zemblan extremists to find the crown jewels. They ransack the entire palace but do not find anything (the novel implies that this is because the jewels aren’t in the palace at all). Andronnikov and Niagarin are also hired to break into Queen Disa’s villa on the French Riviera and they steal some paperwork that reveals King Charles’s whereabouts in America, which ultimately points Gradus to New Wye. Andronnikov is tall and handsome and Kinbote insists that he is a lovely man.
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Andronnikov Character Timeline in Pale Fire

The timeline below shows where the character Andronnikov appears in Pale Fire. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Commentary: Lines 662-872
Identity, Delusion, and Loneliness Theme Icon
Loss and Longing Theme Icon
...fate, not a reflection of the Russian men’s skills. Their names (though possibly invented) were Andronnikov and Niagarin and they were quite attractive and nice people. Andronnikov was tall, happy, and... (full context)
Identity, Delusion, and Loneliness Theme Icon
...the noise outside because it kept his mind occupied. He hadn’t yet been told that Andronnikov and Niagarin would be helping him, and he passed them on the street having only... (full context)
Identity, Delusion, and Loneliness Theme Icon
Patterns, Fate, and Coincidence Theme Icon
...“emerald waters” of northern Zembla. The man told Gradus he would be flying to New York—Andronnikov and Niagarin had found in Disa’s home a letter with the King’s new address. Izumrudov... (full context)