Red Queen


Victoria Aveyard

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Mare Barrow

The protagonist and narrator of the novel, Mare Barrow is a seventeen-year-old Red (meaning her blood is red, not silver) who has grown up in poverty in the poor village of the Stilts. Unlike most… read analysis of Mare Barrow

Cal (Tiberias Calore)

The crown prince, Tiberias the Seventh. He is a Silver with the power to control heat and flames. As the eldest son, Cal stands to inherit the throne, and he is also one of Mareread analysis of Cal (Tiberias Calore)

Maven Calore

Cal’s younger brother and romantic rival for Mare. Like his brother and father, he has the power to control heat and flames. Initially Maven does not stand to inherit the throne, even though… read analysis of Maven Calore


A Red not much older than Mare. Mare first meets Farley when Will Whistle introduces them. Farley agrees to smuggle Mare and Kilorn out of the Stilts and away from a sure fate of… read analysis of Farley

Daniel Barrow / Mare’s Father

Mare’s father. Daniel Barrow is a Red who has been unable to work or leave the house much ever since coming home from the army with a missing leg and a collapsed lung. He… read analysis of Daniel Barrow / Mare’s Father
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Ruth Barrow / Mare’s Mother

Mare’s mother. Ruth Barrow often must hold back tears over the fates of her husband and children. She has hope for them despite the fact that one by one, they seem to be conscripted… read analysis of Ruth Barrow / Mare’s Mother

Kilorn Warren

Mare’s best friend and possible romantic interest. Kilorn is a Red fisherman’s apprentice whose master dies at the beginning of the novel, dooming him to conscription and all the horrors of a military life… read analysis of Kilorn Warren

Gisa Barrow

Mare’s younger sister. Gisa has a crush on Kilorn. Unlike Mare, Gisa has a particular talent that makes her employable: sewing. Gisa attempts to help Mare steal money from the Silvers, hoping to… read analysis of Gisa Barrow

Queen Elara

King Tiberias’s second wife and Maven’s mother. Queen Elara is a “whisper,” meaning that she can read and control minds. She is known for using her power to her own advantage, and it… read analysis of Queen Elara

King Tiberias

The king of Norta, and Cal and Maven’s father. Like all the kings, Tiberias is a “burner,” meaning that he can control heat and flames. Tiberias upholds the longstanding Norta tradition of privileging Silvers… read analysis of King Tiberias

Queen Coriane

The deceased former Queen of Norta, King Tiberius’s first wife, Cal’s mother, and Julian’s sister. There is a good deal of mystery surrounding her death. The public story is that she died… read analysis of Queen Coriane

Shade Barrow

Mare’s older brother, who has been conscripted and sends a coded message home indicating that he has joined the Scarlet Guard. Mare thinks of Shade as the smart one among her brothers. Mare and… read analysis of Shade Barrow

Ann Walsh

The royal servant who comes to summon Mare to the palace at Summerton. She goes by her last name, Walsh, and tells Mare that she once had her heart broken by Mare’s brother Breeread analysis of Ann Walsh
Minor Characters
Tramy Barrow
Mare’s older brother. He has been away in the army for some time, but he is brought home when the Barrows win a “lottery.” Mare knows that there is no actual lottery. Rather, she has bargained with the Silvers for her brothers’ homecoming.
Bree Barrow
Mare’s older brother. He has been away in the army for some time, but he is brought home when the Barrows win a “lottery.” Mare knows that there is no actual lottery. Rather, she has bargained with the Silvers for her brothers’ homecoming.
Will Whistle
A black market trader in the Stilts who always buys the stolen items that regular shopkeepers are too reluctant to buy from Mare.
Evangeline Samos
Cal’s fiancé. Evangeline is a ruthless Silver who can manipulate metal. She constantly tries to provoke Mare, and Mare worries that Evangeline is plotting against her.
Julian Jacos
Mare’s tutor. Julian’s sister was Queen Coriane, Cal’s deceased mother. Julian teaches Mare her motto: “anyone can betray anyone.”
Sara Skonos
Mare’s skin healer. Sara was the best friend of the deceased Queen Coriane. She was forced by Queen Elara to mutilate her own tongue and is unable to heal her own wounds. She is thus unable to speak.
Lady Blonos
Mare’s etiquette trainer when Mare is forced to join the Silver court. Lady Blonos is a “blood healer.”
Colonel Macanthos
A Silver army leader who is targeted for assassination by the Scarlet Guard.
Evangeline's cousin, who acts as a guard for Mare in the Silver court. Though Lucas is kind, his presence is a constant reminder that she is essentially a prisoner.