The Art of Racing in the Rain


Garth Stein

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The Art of Racing in the Rain: Chapter 52 Summary & Analysis

An elderly couple stands in Denny's doorway, and Enzo tells the reader that he doesn't recognize them at all. Denny embraces them, takes their suitcases, and shows them where their room is. They say nothing in response. Enzo notes that the man is long and stringy, while the woman wears sunglasses inside and often stands still, waiting for the man to come to her before she moves.
Enzo's limited perception here is obvious. The reader is likely aware that this woman is blind, but because Enzo only describes that she wears sunglasses and waits to move until she has help, it's unclear if he understands that she can't see.
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The woman whispers in the man's ear, and the man says to Denny that his mother would like to use the washroom. Denny offers to show her, but his father takes the woman's arm. As they go into the bathroom, Denny rubs his face and says to himself, "good to see you; it's been so long."
The reader finds out at the same time as Enzo that these are Denny's parents, present for the first time in the novel. Their strained relationship with Denny is clear from the start.
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