The Bluest Eye


Toni Morrison

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Pecola Breedlove

The novel's protagonist, Pecola is an eleven-year-old black girl from an abusive home. She believes she is ugly and suffers the cruelty of her parents, classmates, and other individuals in the community. She desires blueread analysis of Pecola Breedlove

Claudia MacTeer

The narrator of parts of the novel, Claudia is a strong-willed and passionate nine-year-old black girl. Still young, Claudia has not experienced overt racism and violence to the extent many of the novel's other characters… read analysis of Claudia MacTeer

Frieda MacTeer

Claudia's older sister, Frieda is ten-years-old and possesses the same independence and resilience as Claudia. Frieda loves Shirley Temple and other white actresses, sharing the community's belief that whiteness is the paragon of beauty and… read analysis of Frieda MacTeer

Cholly Breedlove

Pecola's father, Cholly is a violent and severely damaged man. From a young age Cholly has been free—his mother left him on a trash heap as an infant, and his caretaker dies when he is… read analysis of Cholly Breedlove

Pauline Breedlove

Pecola's mother, also known as Polly and Mrs. Breedlove. Pauline has a disabled foot. She believes she is ugly, and has always blamed her foot for her ugliness and the neglect she experiences as a… read analysis of Pauline Breedlove
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Henry Washington

Known by the Macteer girls as Mr. Henry, Henry, he is a boarder at the MacTeer residence. He has a reputation as a hard working, quiet man. He was never married, but has a… read analysis of Henry Washington

Samuel Breedlove

Pecola's fourteen-year-old brother, Samuel suffers the same abuse as Pecola at the hands of their parents. Samuel, in contrast to his sister, is not afraid to get involved in his parents' arguments and even… read analysis of Samuel Breedlove

China, Poland, and Miss Marie

These women are the local prostitutes in Loraine, Ohio. The community knows Miss Marie as the Maginot Line. The women live together in an apartment above the Breedloves. Miss Marie is overweight and kind, Chinaread analysis of China, Poland, and Miss Marie

Maureen Peal

A "high yellow dream child", as Claudia calls her, Maureen is a mulatto girl from a wealthy family. She moves to Loraine in the winter, interrupting the tedium of the long winter months. She wears… read analysis of Maureen Peal


A light skinned black woman from the south, Geraldine considers herself and her family superior to other black families. She keeps her house immaculately clean and is obsessed with the physical appearance of her home… read analysis of Geraldine

Louis Junior

Geraldine's son, known as Junior, is an arrogant and entitled young boy. He feels ownership of the school playground across the street from his house, and forces other children to play with him. He… read analysis of Louis Junior

Soaphead Church

A light skinned West Indian man, Soaphead Church is a self-proclaimed misanthrope. After failing as a preacher, he deems himself a "Reader, Adviser, and Interpreter of Dreams", and provides counsel to community members. He detests… read analysis of Soaphead Church
Minor Characters
Mrs. MacTeer
Claudia and Frieda's mother, Mrs. MacTeer is a stern but loving mother. She has a penchant for singing blues songs, gossiping with her friends, and fussing about her house and children.
Mr. MacTeer
Claudia and Frieda's father, Mr. MacTeer works hard to keep the house warm in cold weather, and ensure his family is clothed and fed. He is fiercely protective of his family, and does not hesitate to use force when someone threatens them.
Rosemary Villanucci
Claudia and Frieda's next-door neighbor, Rosemary is white and comes from a family with more wealth than the MacTeers. Rosemary antagonizes the MacTeer girls, and tries to get them in trouble, sometimes provoking them to beat her up in the process.
Aunt Jimmy
Cholly's great aunt who raises him after his mother abandons him, but who dies when he is still young.
Samson Fuller
Cholly's father, who left him as a baby and refuses to have a relationship with him.
Blue Jack
A father figure to Cholly who works as a drayman.
An elderly medicine woman working in the community where Cholly grows up, she diagnoses Aunt Jimmy while she is sick.