The Boy Behind the Curtain


Tim Winton

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Ron Taylor is Valerie Taylor’s husband and one of the two Australian divers who accompany Peter Gimbel on his documentary expedition to film a great white shark underwater. Matthiessen describes Ron as being sharklike in both mannerisms and appearance, and Ron sporadically demonstrates seemingly unnecessary violence toward sharks, perhaps because he has friends who have died in attacks.
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Ron Taylor Character Timeline in The Boy Behind the Curtain

The timeline below shows where the character Ron Taylor appears in The Boy Behind the Curtain. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Demon Shark
Danger, Violence, and Death Theme Icon
Nature Theme Icon
...members, especially between the Australians and the Americans. Matthiessen is fascinated by the Australian divers, Ron and Valerie Taylor, even suggesting that Ron is a shark-like figure. (full context)