The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky


Stephen Crane

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The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Characters

Jack Potter

Jack Potter is the story’s protagonist and the bride’s new husband. He As the marshal of the West Texas town of Yellow Sky, Potter functions as the story’s hero and the antagonist of the… read analysis of Jack Potter

The Porter

The porter is a black man who waits on Jack Potter and the bride on the Pullman car en route to Yellow Sky. The porter enjoys observing the couple’s obvious unfamiliarity with traveling in luxury… read analysis of The Porter

The Drummer

The drummer is a young patron at the Weary Gentleman saloon in Yellow Sky. He is a newcomer to the town who sits in the bar regaling other patrons with stories. Through the drummer’s questions… read analysis of The Drummer
Minor Characters
The Barkeeper
The barkeeper tends to patrons at the Weary Gentleman saloon. He functions as an expository character who tells the drummer (and, by extension, readers of the story) about Scratchy Wilson.
The Mexican Sheepherders
The Mecian sheepherders are patrons the Weary gentleman saloon who flee out the back door of establishment once they learn that Scratchy Wilson may try to break into the saloon, emphasizing the very real threat that the drunken Wilson poses.
The Young Man
A resident of Yellow Sky who warns the patrons of the Weary Gentleman saloon that a drunken Scratchy Wilson is on the rampage.