The Children of Men


P. D. James

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The Children of Men: Chapter 24 Summary & Analysis

Rolf drives quickly and recklessly, and soon punctures a tire. The group gets the car off of the road. Theo knows there is a spare tire in the trunk. Rolf , Julian, and Theo drive the car a little further up the road, to a place where they can seek cover, while the rest of the group walks behind. Theo and Rolf attempt to change the tire, but their flashlight goes out. Theo suggests the group eat and make themselves comfortable while they wait for morning.
Rolf, impatient and ambitious, drives in a way that reflects his personality directly and results in strife and hardship for the group. This foreshadows the ways in which Rolf will continue to create tension and difficulty, while Theo will rise to the role of a practical problem-solver.
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