The Devil’s Highway


Luis Alberto Urrea

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El Negro’s driver. El Moreno—Spanish for “The Dark Man”—lived together “in criminal bliss” with El Negro, and was the driver who picked up the Wellton 26 on the U.S. side of the border in order to transport them to the start of the trail they would take through the desert and toward civilization.
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“El Moreno” Character Timeline in The Devil’s Highway

The timeline below shows where the character “El Moreno” appears in The Devil’s Highway. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3: The Coyote and the Chicken
Desolation and Desperation Theme Icon
Humanity and “Illegality” Theme Icon
Bearing Witness Theme Icon
...was Evodio Manilla, and he was allegedly Luis Cercas’s brother-in-law. His driver was known as El Moreno . El Negro and El Moreno reported to Chespiro, but oversaw their own “small army”... (full context)
Chapter 7: A Pepsi for the Apocalypse
Humanity and “Illegality” Theme Icon
Bearing Witness Theme Icon
...a road and disappears—he comes back a few minutes later in a van driven by El Moreno . Later, Urrea writes, the survivors will give differing accounts of what kind of van... (full context)